Where have all the great debates gone?

Every American is completely unique.  Therefore, you most likely will not agree with all of my policy viewpoints.  And that's good.  I'm not afraid of people disagreeing with me.  I'm afraid of people incessantly swallowing talking points 3 meals a day, numbing their brains and causing them to never think for themselves again.  The notion that we should only vote for people that we agree with on EVERY issue has forced the political industrial complex to manufacture stuffed-suit elected officials just like my opponent, that communicate exclusively in pre-fab, mindless, blame-ridden, fear-inducing, cowardly rhetoric.

They carry 4 pages of over-processed babble to spew in debates and enact legislative absurdity like shutting down the government, hijacking the nation's credit rating, signing irresponsible pledges and proposing amendments to protect the civil rights of empty water bottles in our national parks, instead of solving our difficult problems.  Anyone can sign a tax pledge, dump the burden of our biggest economic problems on the backs of our most vulnerable citizens and cast blame on a President, a party or a PAC.  But it takes an intelligent, entrepreneurial and thoughtful person to balance a budget, end our drug problem, protect Social Security and solve our healthcare crisis beyond the act of repeal.

Over the next few months, I hope to candidly inform of you of my hopes, goals and aspirations for the 12th Congressional District, Western Pennsylvania and the amazing people of this nation.  I have always wanted to run this race with my heart on my sleeve, willing to take the criticism and arguments that come with that kind of honesty.  I want to once again have the passionate and intense arguments that once birthed voting rights for women and abolished slavery.  No matter what issues we face in the 21st century, we need to stop "taking our ball and going home" when things get rough and start debating our way through our greatest problems and disagreements, work through our differences, and ultimately transcend the partisan ideologies that divide us and reach the inarguable goals that unite us.  

I look forward to you joining me on this incredible journey. I welcome your impassioned pleas, arguments and personal perspectives on the many issues facing our District and our country.  And in the end, I hope to have your support through each step of the way and earn your vote this November.

All my love,