I’m not going left.

I’m not going right.

I’m going local.


I have a vision for Western Pennsylvania and it doesn’t start in Washington.  It starts right here in our own back yards.  I want to bring the focus of our Congressional office back to where we can actually make a difference – at home.  I want to show the people of the 17th District that government CAN work for them again.

1. On day 1, I will start coordinating with local elected officials, law enforcement, healthcare providers, schools, clergy and other stakeholders to establish a county wide addiction prevention effort in every county.

2. On day 1, I will start working with local healthcare providers using the same problem solving techniques I used for over 10 years to solve medical errors and improve efficiency and effectiveness in our healthcare and VA systems.

3. I will start examining infrastructure issues and work beyond tax payer subsidization to identify strategic partnerships and investment necessary to rebuild the 17th.

4. I will work to find innovative solutions to the greatest problems affecting our region so we can start to move Western PA forward.  And I will do it for decades to come.


When I am in Washington, I will represent the people of my District by supporting the policies that work for them. 



As an entrepreneur and the daughter of a nurse and a utility lineman, I know well the struggles we face and the pride we feel in providing for our families. I also know that the greatest weapon in our country’s economic arsenal is the purchasing power of a vibrant and growing American middle class. As your Representative, I’ll fight to make sure our region has stable, well-paying jobs and successful small businesses that support that middle class.


When women are paid 78 cents for every dollar a man makes, that’s not just a women’s issue - it’s an economic issue. When restrictions are placed on women’s health care and yet they pay more for coverage, it’s not just a women’s issue - it’s a civil rights issue. And when a woman faces an impossible choice between her job and her child because her workplace doesn’t offer maternity leave, it’s not just a women’s issue - it’s a family values issue. While our sisters, mothers, and daughters are fighting for equality every day in our homes, doctor's offices, and workplaces, I’ll make sure they have someone fighting for them on the floor of Congress, because Women's Issues are Congress's issues.


I’ve spent my career in the healthcare industry, so I know firsthand the problems we face. 70 years ago other industrialized nations realized that access to healthcare was a fundamental human right.  We need to do the same and ensure that every American has access to quality affordable healthcare, reduce medical errors and hospital acquired infections and increase transparency to protect our patients.  I’ll work to implement strategies that improve quality of healthcare, reduce waste and errors and continue to reform and improve our healthcare system.


Every day, our armed forces work tirelessly to keep us safe from those who seek to do us harm. But often the greatest battle they face is the difficult readjustment to life back at home. After World War II, we passed the GI Bill to give our veterans the training they needed to build the American middle class. We need to ensure that today’s veterans receive the training and resources as heroes they deserve - including access to quality physical and mental health care.


We need to make sure our children have great opportunities for prosperous futures. This means using data to improve our schools, not defund them.  Every student must have access to a quality public education that prepares them for college, additional training or the job market.  Our current policies put significant financial burden on our students through high interest rates, astronomical education costs and insurmountable student debt.  In the greatest nation on Earth, we should not be divesting in our children's futures or their financial security, we should be improving them.


Infrastructure is the cornerstone of a thriving region, interconnecting our communities so they can grow and prosper. In the 21st century, our next great investment should be expanding public transportation, improving our roads and bridges and repairing our water systems. This brand new deal for the American people will make our country safer and healthier, creating jobs and expanding the choices where Western PA families live, work and play. I see this issue as an untapped opportunity to grow the economy throughout this entire region in an innovative way.